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Detective David Dresden, IAB
A long days journey into right
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4th-Jul-2011 07:48 pm - Happy Independence Day
Once again it's July 4th and there's no aliens. I'm so disappointed.

I hope you all enjoyed the parade while I've been stuck at work.
11th-Jun-2011 11:45 pm - IAB = Stress
darker times
[Private Thoughts]

It's kind of a given that if you work for IAB, the rest of the police force hate you. Whatever. But on days like today when I get in to work to discover that they've already called up Wheeler to let her know that she's clear of any and all charges, when if I'm honest, I would have preferred to do that? It makes me hate my job, too. Fuck, they made me work the investigation because they have a sick sense of humour, so why should I expect to get to give the good news? This was probably for the best, it was too damn awkward conducting her interview and I haven't seen her since. I'll be avoiding MCS for a while just to be on the safe side. That's a whole level of awkward I'd like to stay the hell away from.

Alex and I don't even talk much about IAB. She gets it, she says that--I don't doubt her or anything--but it can't be easy.
9th-May-2011 12:39 am - You Know You're Forgetful When....
Looking Up
...your young daughter is the one that reminds you that it's "mommys day". And she only knows because all the kids at daycare were drawing pictures for their mothers.

Ffff--damn. The kid is more prepared than I am.
15th-Dec-2010 11:29 pm - Ho Ho Ho
Santa Baby
I'm sick of wrapping of gifts.

Why the hell do we waste paper? Just think of the planet.

My protest has nothing to do with papercuts
4th-Oct-2010 07:32 pm(no subject)
Ellie just called me "fat". Sam agreed with her.

...I think they were joking. Alex *thinks* Ellie meant to say "big". As in, tall.

I'm wounded.
21st-Aug-2010 12:01 pm - Heh
My parents have *finally* gone back home. Good. I hate it when they're in my time zone. Yes, I'm well aware the wedding was over a month ago. They out stayed their welcome for sure.

Ellie didn't like my father. She seemed to find my mother a bit more tolerable, but she would always stay away from him. The kid has got good sense.

Speaking of, she's about to hit her second birthday. Party, you ask? Not likely. I think we're having a dinner out or something. Ask Alex, not me.
26th-Jun-2010 10:11 am - Oye
My parents have been here since Monday. It took until Thursday before we turfed them out and made them get a hotel room somewhere else. Anywhere but here.

If I could avoid them until the wedding, I would.
18th-May-2010 11:33 am - *yawn*
Doggiecop Begs
I spent most of today being chased by a 21-month old toddler who was insisting that I was a "Good Girl" with my future wife just laughing at me -- I'm gonna need therapy.

It's getting closer to the wedding, and said toddler is the only one who doesn't have anything "special" to wear. I should have known I'd get roped into shopping. I tried covering my ears and singing loudly, it didn't work.

So, if you're in Queens on Saturday, and you see a guy looking bored and ready to slit his throat, that's me.

But I'll perk up when we hit the toy stores. For Ellie, of course...
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